mr mantis cover

Hello. This is Mr. Mantis. They lived with me for a while.

I have been working on The mycelium Project recently. And working on myself. I’ll talk about the latter.

There is a lot of people saying a lot of things out there. And then I think about what I am trying to say. I am just trying to keep my attention in one place honestly. Not saying much at all. Just trying to keep my attention in one place. I read ‘the color purple’ recently. I’ll quote some of it and that will be the end of this introduction.

I know you use to morning sun, she say. Her room right cross from mine, in the shade. She work late, sleep late, git up late. No turtles or elephants on her bedroom furniture, but a few statues spread out round the room. She sleep in silks and satins, even her sheets. And her bed round! I wanted to build me a round house, say Shug, but everybody act like that’s backward. You can’t put windows in a round house, they say. But I made me up some plans, anyway. One of these days … she say, showing me the papers. It a big round pink house, look sort of like some kind of fruit. It got windows and doors and a lot of trees round it… …It ain’t bad, say Shug. But I just feel funny living hi a square. If I was square, then I could take it better, she say. Us talk bout houses a lot. How they built, what kind of wood people use. Talk about how to make the outside around your house something you can use. …

And some more..

She talk and she talk, trying to budge me way from blasphemy. But I blaspheme much as I want to.